Monday, October 13, 2014

Turtles in disguise for Halloween Very Cute

I love turtles so pictures of them usually catch my eye.  However, this just made me laugh.  I love the these Halloween costumes for turtles.  I am not sure which one I like the most, the shark turtle or the pumpkin turtle.  I am not sure if the other two are dragons or dinosaurs turtles.  Still cute costumes.  I figure they are actually hats someone made and then put onto the turtles, but it works. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Call me a chicken will you, I'll show you a chicken. The cutest little chicken Halloween costume!

This Halloween costume is too cute.  Makes me think of the story "chicken little".  The one where the chicken thinks the sky is falling.  This is an adorable Halloween costume for an toddler.  But I could see this toddler going, "Did you call me a chicken, I'll show you who's a chicken."  

Vampire Cat

This cat does look like a vampire bat!  It has to be the big ears and the sharp teeth.  Though the mad looking eyes don't help at all, not at all.  Not something you want jumping out at you too close to Halloween.  Is it wrong for me to say that I find this vampire cat cute?  A little weird but still cute.  It has captured a box and it is not letting go!  It is going to drain that cardboard box dry!  It must have held cat treats or catnip.  I wonder if the owners dress the cat up as a bat for Halloween.  Now that would be cute.

Wickid vampyr skillz i has dem!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spa treatment I don't want, ever. Dog Butt Facial

I don't care how great this treatment works, I don't want it.  Not even if it somehow removes all the wrinkles from my face and gives them to the dog.  Even if it promised to leave me wrinkle free I am never, ever, going to get this spa treatment.  Who cares how soft and smooth your skin is if this is how you have to get there.  No dog butt on my face! LMAO.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kitty cat has a teddy bear on its paw!

This is perfect.  Love it.  Who knew a cat's paw could look like a teddy bear.  Though how you could get a cat to hold still long enough to draw on its paw is a mystery to me.  This cat's paw does make an adorable teddy bear though.

Cattitude you are allergic to me, I have to cuddle you!

OMG this is so true.  How do the cats know who is allergic to them?  Or the one person in the room that does not actually like cats at all.  The black cat always gets hair on the lightest clothing, white cat gets hair on the darkest clothing.  Black and white cat just gets hair every were.  You have got to love cats to put up with them.   

Medieval Angry Cat in Castle

Okay I do find angry cat funny most of the time.  I find this picture of angry cat in a castle really cute.  I could see our cat doing this, getting into the kids toy castle and looking out on her domain.  It somehow fits.  Made me smile.  

Even Cats want to Fly! Kitten hang gliding.

Okay, I know this is photo-shopped but it is still cute.  I have seen the original picture of this kitten leaping through the flowers and it is adorable all on its own.  Adding in the hang glider does make it funny.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

I am cute and I know it puppy pose.

This puppy is just cute!  Look at that little flat face, and all those wrinkles, and little tail.  Just adorable.  Makes me want to give this puppy a huge hug.  I just wish I could remember what type of dog this is.  I want to say pug but I am sure it is not.  Also boxers are black and white.  Anyone know what type of dog this is.  I am sure it will come to me in a day or two, but for right now I just cannot think of the breed of dog this adorable puppy is.

Squirrel dilemma video! Where to hid my nut, where to hid my nut. This dog will do.

Pet Squirrel dilemma.  OMG the look on the dogs face through this whole thing is just too funny.  Poor squirrel, has a nut but no place to put it.  This squirrel with dog and nut video was just to cute not to share.  Enjoy.

Better Happier Life Hack with a Kitten

I see all these posts about "hacks" that will make your life better, more fun, easier, etc.  I have to say that this one is one of the best life hacks ever!  Why, because it deals with the issue - take the chip off your shoulder.  That alone would change your life, but to replace it with a kitten!  A cute kitten at that.  Of course your life will get a lot better.  A cute kitten snuggled up on you, purring.  Who could possible not feel a lot better.  Unconditional love!  That can repair a lot of damage, replace anger and just make you feel better.  Also - AWWWW what a cute kitten!

With all the stress and bad things going on in the world I think everyone should take cuteness breaks, be it a cute kitten, puppy, baby or just a wonderful smile and hug.  We all need to take the time to be loved.

The most realistic interactive mouse trap game ever!

Ha Ha cats get into everything, but talk about getting the label right.  Cats are the best mouse trap ever and it is a game to the cat.  Mouse trap game, now with the new "interactive" feature!  Love it.  Also a cat in a box is always cute.  This one is cute and funny.  

Yoda the poopy years. Great Star Wars Yoda Dog Halloween Costume.

Okay this is so cute I could almost forgive this little puppy for pooping in my shoes.  But then I like Yoda and I like cute puppies.  What a cute dog.  However I think that this dog deserves a big treat for letting its owners dress it up, then held still long enough to get this picture taken.  I think the ears alone would drive most dogs nuts.  It would be a lot of fun dressing the family up as Jedi and Sith and then taking this dog for a walk, heck it would not even have to be Halloween to make it fun.  What a great Star Wars Halloween dog costume.  Who came up with a Yoda dog costume, fun.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cat verses Dog, cat wins

Yep that is the way it goes.  You get a nice comfortable bed, just the way you like it and then the cat comes along and takes it over leaving you the smallest, not so comfortable, place to site in.  My cat does this to us.  How can a small cat take up so much room.  Smart dog, never bug a sleeping cat.  You might not like what happens.  Why the dog sat in the cat bed though is beyond me.  I mean the dog really does not fit in the cat bed, but you can tell the dog was not placed in the cat bed, but sat there.  The cat on the other hand has lots of room in that big dog bed.  Cat wins again.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cute cats on brooms!

Two cute cats on brooms.  "i can't believe Hogwarts chose owls over us!"  Two very beautiful cats on what looks like handcrafted brooms.  Great for Halloween or people who love cats or Harry Potter. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Terrible Twosome Baby and Puppy Duo Timeout

I don't know what this terrible twosome did but the duo timeout looks real cute.  How often do you see a baby and a dog on a timeout together?  The picture is cute, but the caption makes it adorable, "Is your fault we'z in trubble.  Iz not.  Iz 2"  I made me laugh, but mainly because I can imagine all sorts of trouble a baby and dog can get into together.   What do you think these two got in trouble for?

Its a Cat House Now!

This may have started out as a bird or squirrel feeder but it is a cat house now.  What a beautiful accent in a garden.  I could see adding something like this if I had back yard to put in a garden.  The cat sure looks relaxed, though she may just be waiting for some unsuspecting bird to drop in.  

Beautiful picture of oriental lady with sword

I think that picture of an oriental lady with sword is beautiful.  The colors are soft and relaxing, calm.  The sword is a nice contrast showing hardness, with a brighter color and yet still belongs.  It is a mix of soft and hard, calm and strength.  Nicely done.

Best Valentines Day Gift Ever!

Valentines will be here soon, and I am sure people are already looking for Valentine gift ideas.  This has to be the cutest Valentines Day box of chocolates ever!  The nine puppies look so cute, and chocolaty.  This is a box of chocolates even I would like to receive, even when I am on a diet.  The only real diet friendly box of chocolates.  And just a quick side note to avoid upset emails, I know, I know, you don't give pets as gifts, especially not 9 of them.  Pets are a life time commitment not a gesture to show how much you care about someone.  

Monday, January 6, 2014

Cat sings What's new pussy cat!

OMG too funny.  It really does look like this cat was just caught singing its heart out.  "What's new pussy cat...WOA WOA WOA WOA WAO!" is the perfect caption for this picture.  I have to admit, I love this picture.  

Cute kitten vs giant mouse!

What I look like when I see a mouse. I can sure see myself reacting just like this kitten screaming "Big farkin' mouse" and running for it.  This made me laugh and laugh.  It reminds me of when Sylvester the cat tried to catch the giant mouse that was really a baby kangaroo.  Also the kitten looks funny as it runs away from the ferret.  The caption "Big farkin' mouse!" sure adds to it.

I have never been a fan of ferrets since I was 11 and the neighbor boy chased me holding out his pet ferret, who kept trying to bite me.  It was not a friendly ferret.  I am sure there are nice ferrets out there, but it is to late, I just don't like them that much.  The kitten on the other hand, it is in need of some cuddles after meeting that big "mouse".  

Siberian Husky Puppy tells its Mommy Pssst..I love you mommy!

My kids like to do this too, and my face usually looks just like this Mommy Siberian Husky.  You know she has had one of those days, usually because of what the puppy did through the day.  I wish my kids would say " you Mommy" more often, when they are not in trouble.  The Siberian Husky puppy is still cute as can be, even though you can tell by the Moms face it has probably been in and out of trouble all day.  

Cute white kitten trying to ride a little broom

The kitten alone is adorable.  Putting the white kitten on the little broom is really cute but it is the caption, "i forgotted teh magick wurdz.  it no go" just made my day.  I hope this little white kitten on a broom makes you smile.  After all we all forget things at times, but most of us are not as cute as this kitten when we do.

Tinny Baby Bat! Too cute.

This bat is so tinny, and cute.  I could never be afraid of it.  Mind you a swarm of them would startle me, but probably not scare me.  Bats are cute, and this one is really small.  I think it is a baby bat.  I really like that bats eat bugs that try to eat me!  So more bats, lets make sure they are protected and have homes, even man made ones.

This black cat is after your sole, for real!

This black cat is not evil, but it does want you sole!  I love black cats.  Okay I love most cats, but black ones are really cute.  This one is cute even as it attacks your sole!  How could you resist giving this cat your sole, or at least the other shoe.  After all "Your sole is mine!" LMAO!

Happiness is a cute puppy in a basket of warm laundry

On a cold day like today happiness is a basket of warm laundry.   This little puppy has the right idea! The cute little puppy asleep in the laundry basket reminds me of well, me.I like putting on socks right out of the dryer on days like today.  Also I would not have a problem curling up under a nice blanket right out the dryer. It is not unusual for me to find our cat curled up on our fresh laundry.  She knows a good place to sleep to.  

Cat wedged with Star Wars quote

Share if you "get it".  Shut down all the garbage mashers on the detention level! Though with the huge fan bass for Star Wars I think most people will get it right away.  It made me laugh.  How the cat got into this position though is questionable.  I just cannot see a way for the cat to have wedged itself into the cushions like this. I strongly suspect that the cat had more then a little help getting wedged between the cushions.  Though I could be wrong.  I have seen cats get into the strangest places all on their own.