Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sad Wiener Dog

Yep, our pets are just like one of the kids!  Right down to getting upset with each other when everyone does not play nice.  The caption says it all, “She won’t let me in!”  The sad little wiener dog is upset because the little girl has made a nice little fort and the wiener dog cannot get in.  Something anyone with more than one child is used to!  Funny though.

Snow Shark in Backyard

Apparently sharks are starting to feel the food pinch and have moved from the oceans to our backyards in their never ending search for food.  I love this picture!  What a great idea a snow shark.  I cannot wait until we get some snow that lasts more than a day or two.  I am going to send my kids out to the front yard and see how many snow sharks they can make.  It looks like a lot more fun than making a snowman. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Glow in the Dark Star Wars Yoda Tattoo

The Yoda tattoo is very well done and is a real piece of art.  However the glow in the dark ink used in the tattoo makes it an amazing Star Wars tattoo.   I love that the lightsaber lights up but it is the glowing eyes that make this Star Wars Yoda tattoo for me.  Now I am not sure if the ink lights up when is dark or if it has to be seen under black light – no matter which it is this is a great Star Wars tattoo.

Dinosaur Man

What a great Dinosaur Halloween costume.  I know this is from a TV show, not sure which one though.  I think it is a dinosaur costume, but it could be a dragon costume.  Someone did a great job on the makeup though.   Wonderful costume.

Star Wars Cat Picture


The kitty cat version of Emperor Palpatine.  Boy does this cat have the right look to pull off playing Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.  Made me smile even with the "Let the hate flow through you" quote.

Happy Thanksgiving Paw Turkey

My kids make hand turkeys every year.  This is the first paw turkey I have ever seen.  This is a funny cat picture perfect to share at Thanksgiving.  The caption "Happy Thanksgiving Love, kitty & paw turkey" says it all.

Cute Puss in Boots times two

Soft and fluffy kittens sitting in what I think are boots.  The caption that comes to mind when I look at this picture is, “I don’t think this is what they meant when they said puss in boots!”  I think both kittens are just too cute.  They fit perfectly into the shoes or boots.  I have no idea how they got both kittens to sit still long enough to take this photo.  If I tried to put our kitten in a shoe to take a picture she would be out of it in seconds.  Try getting two kittens to stay seems like an impossible feat.  But the picture is just awesome.