Monday, January 12, 2015

One kitten for now, one left in the jar!

Cats (and kittens) really do get into just about anything.  This is so cute.  I am not exactly sure what the kittens would be saying to each other but I have a few good ideas from watching my kids play.
Some good captions would be:
"Hey, its my turn"
"Now where did that lid go?"
"Worst hiding place ever,"
"Make room for me!"
"Jar hog!"
"Where did all the cat treats go?"
"Sure you think its funny now, wait until you try to get out!"
"Don't tell Mom how you got in there, okay!"
"I did not push you in, you fell in, I just helped you fall."

I am sure there are many others that come to mind seeing a kitten in a jar.

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