Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Tiger Versus the Big Bad Snake!

OMG this picture makes me smile.  Baby tigers, or tiger cubs are so cute.  I wish I could cuddle them like any other kitten.  The caption “snake” is perfect.  The one tiger cub does look like it is yelling something, and the tiger tail right there makes it perfect, or should I say purrrfect.  I know bad pun.  Just look at the baby tiger cubs, their little eyes still closed, so cute.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dog thanking Fireman

This dog is thanking the fireman with kisses.  I really like this picture, the dog is cute and who does not love firemen. Both the men and women firemen deserve our appreciation and admiration.  The caption “Psst, Don’t tell anyone I said this... but thanks for getting the cat out too.” Made me laugh.  So now it is not just cute, it is funny too.

Kitten's to do list

Boy this kitten has a lot to do and it is not even a cat yet.  What a list, claw the drapes, scatter the litter and make the dog cry.  What a busy day for this cute kitten.  The kitten is cute, but it is the caption “Let’s see...drapes are clawed...litter is scattered...the dog is in tears...Now What?” is why I love this picture.

Big Hedgehog Smile

How cute is this hedgehog?  It is so sweet.  I did not know hedgehogs could be so big.  I always thought they were small.  Not that this hedgehog is huge.  It still fits in your hands.  I always thought they were a lot smaller.  I guess I have only seen pictures of baby hedgehogs being held.  Hedgehogs don’t look that big when they are on the ground.  All I can say is this smiling hedgehog is cute.  If it is not a hedgehog could someone let me know!  It looks like one to me.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Don't listen to that cat!

The picture of the black cat covering the mouth of the gray cat to stop him from confessing is cute.  The captions: and after we broke your vase we mmm...ergh...hmmpft.  don`t listen to him, he`s off his meds. Makes me think of a couple of people I used to know, and several of the kids I grew up with. I am sure we all know people just like the two cats, if you don't you are probably one of the people! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tummy Rub Now! Cute Kitten

Attack of the gray fluff ball!  The gray kitten is so cute, I just want to hold her in my hands and play with her.  Not sure if the kitten is very happy, hungry, mad or just letting the people holding her know she is there or just wants a belly rub.  I love kittens.  I had a gray cat very much like this one.  She was just as cute when she was a kitten, and she had a bit of an attitude as well.  She was gray and the apartment I lived in had a carpet the same colour.  She used to hide in plain sight, and then attack your feet.

The Look from a Cute Siberian Husky Puppy

A photo of an adorable Siberian Husky puppy giving the camera the “look”.  The caption, “So you’re telling me the ball never left your hand?” cracks me up.  Yes I pulled that on our dogs when I was a kid.  It was great fun watching them trying to find the ball, running around having a great time.  It is the tilt of the head and the beautiful blue eyes of the husky puppy that gets me though, cute as can be.