Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You are what you eat - cute baby in breast feeding hat

A very cute baby in a breast feeding hat. I love the caption: When they said you are what you eat, this was not what I was expecting.  The breast feeding hat is a handmade booby hat.  Made me laugh.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sleeping Baby Dragon by Cookie Jar

My kids think this is the best dragon picture ever.  It is tinny, cute and full of cookies.  I think they like it because it is small that it would be a great pet.  I had to tell them that if it was a real dragon it would probably be a baby dragon and would grow bigger then our home.  Still a great dragon picture.

Fluffy Kitten Bath

Actually this picture hits me at home.  My daughter has told me kids at school called her fat, so I can sure relate to this photo and the caption.  “Mom...they called me fat.  You’re not fat! You’re just fluffy.”  Now this kitten is very fluffy, but that is ok it just makes it cuter.  This is a nice picture of a cat giving a kitten a bath.  The caption is what makes this picture perfect.

Puppy Bar Now Open

As a new mom I can completely understand the look of exhaustion this mommy dog has, flat on her back trying to take a nap as the 10 puppies have dinner.  I only have three kids, one of them a new baby and I feel exhausted all the time.  I could never handle 10 babies!  The puppies look so cute standing up to reach the milk.  I love this picture, makes me smile in exhaustion.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ring Tailed Lemurs and the Heater

Ring tailed lemurs investigating a heater, and seem to be worshiping it.  I have to admit I have felt the exact same way on very cold days.  The heater becomes very important, and the closer you can get the better.  Considering ring tailed lemurs live in hot climates the heater is indeed a life giver, so “All hail the heater”.

Mom, come see the kittens (Baby Skunks!)

I have to admit that I laughed at this photo, the caption made me.  The baby skunks are cute but they are so not cat kittens.  I don’t know when skunks start to spray, but I can see tomato baths for two little girls in the very near future.  When the momma skunk comes over to find out where her babies are.

Awesome Huge Dragons

These two dragons look awesome.  Huge though.  I love the look of this statue of two dragons.  It is not often you can find a dragon statue this big.   

Cute Baby and Dog Talking

“Wait, wait... you’re telling me... If I pee in the yard, I get a TREAT?”  OMG this picture had me laughing.  The baby and puppy are cute, but that caption got me.  If dogs and babies could talk I could see this conversation happening.

Cute Babies Going Out the Dog Door

To me it is just amazing how smart babies are.  I would never have expected little babies like this to figure out how to get out the dog door.  Funny as all can be though.  The caption makes it even funnier, “QUICK My wife is coming!” Very cute babies!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Baby Bath One Very Cute Kitten

This kitten is so cute, even wet.  I love the caption “yew no use tung? doz i haz bad flavour?”  I guess a people bath is just scary and strange to a kitten that is used to a cat licking it at bath time.  This kitten looks very cute, and trusting.  I just love this picture.

Unusual Two Headed Black and White Dragon

This is a very unusual picture of a dragon.  It is not uncommon to see two headed dragons.  This picture is unusual because it looks as if two different dragons, one dark and one light, have been fused together, made into one.  Also they appear to be locked in battle, light verses dark yet the same entity or dragon.  Nice picture of a black and white dragon.

Diva Dog taking a Bath in the Sink

Most dogs either love or hate getting a bath.  I guess this little diva dog loves her bath.  I have never seen a dog lay on their back and lounge in the tub.  Although in this case this dog is lounging in the sink.  What makes this a diva dog?  The caption on the bottom, “Problem?” makes this dog a diva.  Made me smile, I hope it gives you a smile as well.

Three Dachshund Puppies Share a Stick

This picture of these three baby Wiener dogs working together to carry a stick is way cute.  Talk about co-operation.  Quite a few people I know could learn a thing or two from these very small cute Dachshunds.  I never know what to call these puppies, they are Dachshunds (Badger dog) but some people call them hot dogs, sausage dogs or wiener dogs.  I usually call them wiener dogs.  No matter what name you call them, they are cute.

Cute Lounge Lizard Dog with Bad Pickup Line

We have all met them, the Lounge Lizards with the bad pickup lines.  This is the first time I have seen a lounge lizard dog.  The dog is cute, but the pickup, “So... Come here often?”,  is just bad.  The sad part is I have actually seen people actually use this line.  The dog might actually get away with it, lol.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Too Cute Row of 6 Puppies

Puppies are always cute.  This row of six puppies sleeping is no exception.  You can tell which puppy is going to be the Alfa dog already; it is already trying to lead the pack.  They look so warm and cuddly, and ready to give lots of puppy kisses once they wake up.

Young Chewbacca on Ice Planet Hoth

This cute dog playing in the snow does look like a young Chewbacca frolicking on the Ice Planet Hoth.  Star Wars found in everyday life.  Snow means fun for all ages, and pets.  Just remember to come back inside when it gets too cold.  Enjoy your snow days when you can get them. 

Stealth Kitty in the Snow

Very cute cat in the snow.  I like the caption, “Stealth Kitty 1 to Home Base: It’s frickin cold. Over.”  First the cat is all white and can be hard to find in snow, so Stealth Kitty is perfect.  Second this is a good reminder to people to get their pets indoors.  Sure dogs and cats have fur but when it gets cold, or there is a big storm like we just had you need to bring them inside.  Even if they are usually outdoor pets they need shelter too.  If you love your pet, or even value it in any way bring it inside.

Outdoor Snow Beer Fridge

Wow with the snow we have been getting the last few days it is actually possible to make a doorway snow beer fridge.  Very creative and funny way to use a pile of snow blocking your front door.  Some of the pictures of the snow storm are kind of scary, nice to have a funny one. 
Actually this is an incredibly smart thing to do if your power has gone out, use the cold and snow to keep your food and other stuff cold so it does not go bad!  Though I am not sure how well it would work.  It might just freeze stuff, better try and keep the stuff cold in your fridge by adding snow to it so it stays cool then to put stuff in the snow.

Snow Dragon

There is a ton of snow on the ground, now what!  Make a snow dragon! I love this snow dragon.  That took a lot of time and talent.  Not just anyone could create this.  It is wonderful.