Monday, October 13, 2014

Turtles in disguise for Halloween Very Cute

I love turtles so pictures of them usually catch my eye.  However, this just made me laugh.  I love the these Halloween costumes for turtles.  I am not sure which one I like the most, the shark turtle or the pumpkin turtle.  I am not sure if the other two are dragons or dinosaurs turtles.  Still cute costumes.  I figure they are actually hats someone made and then put onto the turtles, but it works. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Call me a chicken will you, I'll show you a chicken. The cutest little chicken Halloween costume!

This Halloween costume is too cute.  Makes me think of the story "chicken little".  The one where the chicken thinks the sky is falling.  This is an adorable Halloween costume for an toddler.  But I could see this toddler going, "Did you call me a chicken, I'll show you who's a chicken."  

Vampire Cat

This cat does look like a vampire bat!  It has to be the big ears and the sharp teeth.  Though the mad looking eyes don't help at all, not at all.  Not something you want jumping out at you too close to Halloween.  Is it wrong for me to say that I find this vampire cat cute?  A little weird but still cute.  It has captured a box and it is not letting go!  It is going to drain that cardboard box dry!  It must have held cat treats or catnip.  I wonder if the owners dress the cat up as a bat for Halloween.  Now that would be cute.

Wickid vampyr skillz i has dem!