Saturday, December 1, 2012

Basket of White Fluffy Kittens

As cute as this basket of six white kittens it is the caption that made me smile.  “Hurry up & take the picture, I gotta go to the bathroom!”  I think everyone can relate to that caption.

Cute Bad Day Kitten Shares Box

I love cute kittens and this kitten is cute.  I love the caption, “are you having a bad day? Do you want my box to play with?”  So cute!  Just what I need when I am having a bad day.  It is hard not to smile at this kitten in a box.

Cute little Green Dragon caught up in Christmas Lights

This little green dragon had a little problem with the Christmas lights.  The Christmas lights ended up on the dragon instead of the tree.  I love dragons and Christmas decorations so I see this as a wonderful funny and cute picture to enjoy.   Have a magical and Merry Christmas.

Santa goes Splat on Airplane

I have seen this Christmas picture for a couple of years now.  It still gets a laugh out of me.  Santa got hit by the airplane.  Well done.

Cat verses Christmas Tree – Ornaments are History

Christmas tree, O Christmas tree your ornaments are history.  I am sure this is what my cat and kitten are thinking as they look at our Christmas tree.  They love trying to play with the tree and the ornaments on it.  This Christmas cat and tree picture is cute but I think the kitten is going on the naughty list.

Sandy Snowman at the Beach

Very creative way to have a snowman in a no snow zone.  I love how this sandy snowman looks white, just like snow.  I think it could be fun to try and make a snowman out of sand.  However, I do know that this is just not possible without a lot of extra stuff being added to the sand.  Even if you are using wet sand it is not going to hold this shape.  Still looks very cool though.

Snow Cat in the Window

Day after day he mocks me!   Poor kitty cat, that snow cat will just not stop looking at you.  You cannot win a staring contest with this snow cat.  What cruel twist of fate brought this snow cat to your window?  Oh wait, the people in the house brought the snow cat to the window. 

Christmas Nativity Scene with a Lego Twist

No getting to this baby Jesus with his Lego body guards.  This is what happens when an 11 year old gets to set up the Christmas Nativity scene, one that is totally cool and accessorised with Lego.  This was sent to me on Facebook.  I saved the picture but did not save the info that came with it.  I thought that it would be quick and easy to post and put the info up, but something happened and it took me a couple of hours before I used the picture.  I know that the lady who posted the picture let her son set up the nativity scene and ended up with this great set up.  If I can find the info again I will post.  I think this is a great nativity scene and I am sure I would end up with something just like this if my kids set one up.  They have their own little Christmas trees set up in their bedrooms and under both of them they set up a very complex scene with Lego and Pokémon.   I love how creative kids can be when we just let them do their thing.  This nativity scene is just a great example of that. 

Star Wars Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells Star Wars verse twilight.  Star Wars wins in my house.  Actually I don’t think we even watched twilight, read the books or anything – so of course Star Wars wins. 

It's a Star Wars Christmas - Nobody Liked Caroling with Yoda

Star Wars and Christmas are both big things in my home so it is no surprise that I have a lot of pictures that are all about Star Wars Christmas.  I love the idea of the characters from Star Wars going out Christmas caroling.  Though Yoda would be difficult to carol with. 

Funny Comic of Bunny Rabbit holding Snowmen up for their Carrot Noses

Not your typical winter picture, but it is cute and funny.  The bunny rabbit is using a plugged in hairdryer to hold up the snowman and snowwoman for their carrots.  The quote “It’s not worth it Roy!  Let’s just give him our noses & let him go!” is perfect.  However for me it is the long extension cord going into the house so the hairdryer is an actual threat makes the drawing funny for me.  It just would not work if the hairdryer was not plugged in.

Cat Stuck in Christmas Tree LMAO!

Iz long story.  Jus pull, pleez.  How the heck did the cat get into this position?  I can easily see a cat climbing a Christmas tree but this looks more like the cat launched itself into the air and landed in this very awkward position and is now stuck in the tree.  I can see a cat actually doing this.   We have two cats.  One is an older cat, but the kitten has already tried to get into our Christmas tree.  We already know we have to keep the ornaments up off the lowest branches because the older cat loves to play with them, but is way too big and old to climb the tree.  The kitten has been trying to play with the ornaments and to eat the fake pine needles.  I think it is going to be an interesting Christmas.

Beautiful Winter Solstice Picture with Blue Lady and Dragon

I think this is a beautiful picture.  The dragon is a wonderful blue white colour that somehow is just perfect and ties into the white blue of the snow.  The blue dress has a warmer colour, but still ties wonderfully into the background colours.  Happy Winter Solstice.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Moose and Deer Looking in Car Windows

It started off so innocently.  A moose let his curiosity get the better of him and looks at the strange creatures trapped inside those quick moving shells with wheels.  It quickly went from cute to the moose’s friend the deer having to put in a police report for a strange attack and a missing “moose” report as his friend the moose apparently put his head into the wrong window.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Very Cute Surprised Kitty Video

The kitten in this video is just cute as a button.  However, I do find the person in the video to be somewhat annoying.  The kitten is worth watching a few times.  After watching twice I decided to turn off the volume, video is much better that way. 

Baby Black Cat in Top Hat

This black kitten sitting on the side of the street is tinny a cute.  The top hat is adorable.  However, something about the way the top hat looks, the texture of the top hat on the picture or how it sits makes me think it has been photoshopped in.  I could be wrong, but it does not really matter if the picture was photoshopped or not.  It is still an adorable picture of a black kitten with a top hat.

Funny Coffee Comic

I love coffee and this joke/comic made me laugh so I thought I would share it.  Enjoy. 
Where's all the coffee?  We were mugged!

Baby Animal Drinking Milk from a Baby Bottle

I am not sure what type of baby animal it is, it is very cute though.  I love how it is not afraid of the person feeding it from the baby bottle. 

Stunning Drawing of Snow Cats or Snow Leopards

Wow, beautiful drawing of snow leopards or snow cats. 

Happy Praying Mantis

I think this is a praying mantis.  It is a nice picture, but it is the caption that caught my attention, “I am not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like me.  That is a message we all need to hear.  Everyone is beautiful, and in no way are we all beautiful the same way.  The key to happiness - You don’t have to be like everyone else to be beautiful, instead celebrate what makes you different, and beautiful in your own right. 

Fish Eating the Cat Karma is like that

Karma is funny like that, cat gets the fish then fish gets the cat.  The cat does not look very happy about being inside the fish, though I expect the cat got in there all by its self.  Funny fish eating cat picture though.

Cute Baby Bunny Tummy Rub

This baby bunny is so cute.  It is fluffy and tinny and what is not to love about this bunny.  I want to rub its little tummy.    

Four Baby Pandas having Lunch

Baby pandas are cute.  These pandas are no acceptation.  They are having their baby bottles in a beautiful setting.  These baby pandas look so happy and relaxed. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

This Turtle wants Out into the Rain

This little red eared turtle longingly looks out the window at the rain.  You can tell it wants out.    

Box of cute kittens

Yes the elections over but these kittens cuteness will never end.  I think this is a very cute box of kittens. 
Okay internet, election's over, unpack your kittens, and get back to work.

Cat in Tie for Thanksgiving Dinner

You said everyone had to dress up.  Pass the Turkey over here!

I think this cat is dressed snazzy, and is very hopeful that they are going to get to sit for dinner with everyone else. 

Fall or Thanksgiving Cat Picture

This fall or Thanksgiving picture is colourful and really nice to look at.  The two cats are cute.  The caption takes the picture from cute to funny.  “She’s got that look in her eye she’s gonna try to dress us up!” 

Cute as can be Big Eared Bat

I did not think of bats as being cute, but lately I have seen some very cute pictures of bats.  This is one of them.  The bat is so small, and its ears are huge.  I guess this bat is a far cry from the scary vampire bats we see on TV and in movies.       

Not so Evil Black Cats

I have never understood why people think black cats are evil.  Ok all cats have a little bit of evil in them, that is what is cool about them.  They look so cute and innocent until they attack your toes in the middle of the night, or get the toilet paper role.  However, black cats are not more evil than any other cat.     

Star Wars Origami Yoda

Yoda is one of those iconic Star Wars characters.  This origami Yoda is amazing.  Someone has some real origami skills.  This is just a great Yoda – it actually looks like him.   

The Best Ghostbusters Stay Puff Baby Costume Picture

Ok, this has to be one of the best Ghostbusters Stay Puff baby pictures.  It looks great, and I am sure the baby had fun playing Stay Puff.  What a creative baby picture.  I wish we had done something like this with our kids when they were little.  This is definitely the type of picture you blow up and frame and place proudly on your wall. 

Not Trustworthy Guard Cat

Ok, the sign just cracks me up:

Beware of the dog.  The cat is not trustworthy either.  The caption just makes it even funnier, “But can be bribed.” Yep, who ever made this picture up knows cats.  That cat looks like it has had a few bribes, it looks happy and healthy. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Cutest Hungry Baby Cat Ever

Awww.  This kitten is so cute.  You can tell it is only a few weeks old, hungry and looking for its momma.  There is just something about a kitten when it is this young that makes you want to cuddle it. The caption is probably exactly what it is trying to say to its mom, “You’re home late! Where you been? Where’s my dinner? I demands explanations!” 

Sleeping Flat Cat on its Back

This is a cute kitten taking a nap on its back.  I want to rub its little tummy.  The caption makes me laugh though, “Don’t wake me, I’m counting mice!”

Dancing Bear with Jazz Hands

Very cute picture of a bear.   The caption “Jazz Hands! Everybody’s doing it.” made me laugh.  I think the bear is looking for a hug, not dancing. 

Cute Kitten and Puppy Share Box Apartment

The puppy is cute, but the kitten just makes me say awww!  The puppy is funny and fluffy but the kitten is so adorable and tinny.  The caption “I thought I was going to get my OWN ‘partment” is cute and funny.  It is nice to see a puppy and kitten getting along together.    

White Cat as The Joker

I am going to assume that this picture of a white cat as Joker from Batman is photoshopped.   As funny as the picture is I would not be ok with someone actually using makeup or something around the white cats eyes or mouth.  It is kind of freaky looking but funny at the same time.

Gravity Defying Mouse

One giant leap for this mouse, this cute mouse looks as if it is defying gravity.  Very cool.  I did not think mice could or would leap or jump.  However, it does not look like the mice I am used to, it is bigger and the ears don’t look right.  So it may not actually be a mouse.  If anyone knows what this cute little gravity defying critter is please let me know.   

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peek a Boo with Marsupial Momma and Baby

Cute baby marsupial plays peek- a- boo with it mommy.  That’s worth a smile or two.  Great picture.

Cute Little Puppy – No Kiss Until Treat!

Yup that puppy has the very same look my kids sometimes get when they want something.  It looks very cute on this little puppy, not so cute on my kids.

Snow Cat LMAO!

The snow cat is cute and very well done, and actually looks like the little white cat it is modeled after.  What makes this funny is the cat asking “Who did this?” I had to laugh.  Soon snow will be on the ground and I think my kids are going to want to make snowmen again.  However they may have more fun making snow cats, dogs and dragons.  This is much more individual and creative than a basic snowman.  I can expect the front yard to have snowmen, cats, dogs, dragons and forts I think.  Maybe this year we will get enough snow for the kids to have a lot of fun just playing, but not enough that the snow takes over.  After all, how much snow do you need to make little snow cats! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Soldier Stands Alone. Never Forget Remembrance Day

The picture of the lone soldier standing by the symbolic graves of his companions makes a poignant statement.  For the most part we forget they are out there, fighting for us.  It is the forgotten sacrifice of our soldiers of every age, battle and war.  Remembrance Day is the one day we need to pull together and remember not just our soldiers but every soldier.

KITTEN in Hamster Ball stuck in the middle

Ok, I did not think the kitten could fit into a hamster ball.  This is a funny kitten video.  It gave me a much needed smile.  The kitten is cute and it was fun just to relax and watch it play in the hamster ball.

Cute Kitten vrs the Scary Thing!

Ok, the kitten is cute, but this video is very funny.  I love it.  So very much like how our kitten, Cricket the Stinky Ninja, acts.  I was laughing so hard watching this funny kitten video, I had to share.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Newest Technology for Cat Walking

Ok this is just cute.  Cats love boxes but this was a very creative way to make a cat train.  The two white cats are beautiful.  I like the caption “Scientists have found a way to successfully walk cats”.  If I was ever to take my cats for a walk I would use a cat harness and leash, but this was funny.

Weird Kitten - I'm Weird and I Enjoy It!

I am not sure exactly what this cat is trying to do, but it does look weird.  Very cute pictue.

Best Blanket Ever Doggie Style!

This is the cutest picture of a puppy and it’s Mom.  The mom dog is wrapped around its puppy keeping in all snug and warm.  Now that is doggy love!  Also to puppy is just so darn cute you want to give it a hug of your own – if you could get past the mom dog that is.

A Real Canadian Moment - Zamboni at a Tim Horton's

You know you are Canadian when a Zamboni drives up to your local Tim Horton’s drive through, and all you can think of is, "Hey, it’s not hockey season yet!"

Remembrance Day Honour Them

Today our children’s school is holding their Remembrance Day ceremony to honour Canadian soldiers, even though Remembrance Day is actually on November 11.  It is going to be difficult because my children lost their Grandfather, a Canadian soldier, a few years ago.  His birthday just happens to be on Remembrance Day, Nov 11.  So for them it is a double whammy of sadness.  Every year they have broken down during the Remembrance Day ceremony.  We have explained to them that it is better to cry and feel sad then to avoid a ceremony designed to honour their Grandfather and other Canadian soldiers.  There is nothing wrong with feeling sadness over there loss.  It is better to honour them with tears then to not honour them at all.

Dogs View – What a Christmas Tree is for!

I never thought about what a tree indoors would be interpreted by a dog, after all when we take them for walks what do they see trees as being for – a bathroom.  This Christmas comic made me laugh.

Cute Sleeping Baby Otters

I have always seen baby otters napping on their mom’s belly as they float in the water.  I had never seen baby otters taking a nap together.  I figure these ones are wild baby otters that have been rescued or born in captivity.  They are still adorable.   

Baby Wolf Cub taking a Nap

I think wolves are beautiful.  This baby wolf cub taking its afternoon nap is cute.  It’s so fluffy and I want to sneak up and rub its little belly.  Good thing I have a kitting to cuddle with.  Always leave wild animals alone, no matter how irresistible they look.