Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Nativity Scene with a Lego Twist

No getting to this baby Jesus with his Lego body guards.  This is what happens when an 11 year old gets to set up the Christmas Nativity scene, one that is totally cool and accessorised with Lego.  This was sent to me on Facebook.  I saved the picture but did not save the info that came with it.  I thought that it would be quick and easy to post and put the info up, but something happened and it took me a couple of hours before I used the picture.  I know that the lady who posted the picture let her son set up the nativity scene and ended up with this great set up.  If I can find the info again I will post.  I think this is a great nativity scene and I am sure I would end up with something just like this if my kids set one up.  They have their own little Christmas trees set up in their bedrooms and under both of them they set up a very complex scene with Lego and Pokémon.   I love how creative kids can be when we just let them do their thing.  This nativity scene is just a great example of that. 

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