Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's just the cat, um, no it is not!

Don't mind me I am just your friendly neighborhood  cat, yah cat that’s right.  Don’t mind me as I help myself to some cat food.  Oh yah, um, Meow.  Thanks for putting water so close to the food, it makes it easier for me.  Don’t mind the mask it is just my fur, nothing to be afraid of.  Oh and thanks for putting in the cat door, it sure makes getting in so much easier.  I don’t have to gnaw through the roof, or climb down the chimney anymore.  This picture of the raccoon helping itself to the cat food is funny as all heck.  If all the racoon did was help itself to some cat food the home owners are lucky.  Finding a raccoon in your home is one of those fun little benefits of pet doors. 

Viking Squirrel because Jedi squirrel just wasn't awesome enough

Okay, squirrels are just cute. Viking squirrel is still cute, but awesome as well.  This viking squirrel appeals to me because I love history, things like knights, vikings, pirates and other things that as kids we all thought it would be fun to be.  However the chain-mail bikini is cracking me up.

Jedi Squirrels fighting with lightsabers

May the force be with you as you gather nuts.  This must be a battle over a large nut stash.  What can I say, I am a fan of Star Wars and squirrels so naturally I find this picture of Jedi squirrels to be both cute and funny.  The Jedi squirrels actually look like they are fighting with their lightsabers.  It makes me smile.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moon this way, the sign said so!

The sign of the moon points to the moon in funny picture.  You have to admit it is quite unusual to have such an accurate moon sign.  Even better, the street light is green, giving us the go ahead to take off to the moon.  I like the caption “Pretty sure this is some sort of astronomical phenomenon.”  Personally I think it is the most accurate street sign ever, at least on this day and this moment.

Cat wants in to get away from the Peacock

The look on this cats face says it all.  “Let me in, please.  I am not the mighty hunter I thought I was.”  Actually I don’t blame the cat for wanting to get away from the peacock.  They are tough birds.  I have run afoul of a few peacocks in my life and let me tell you, I was the one running away.  Just because a peacock is pretty does not make it easy pickings.  If it came down to the cat or the peacock I know where I would place my money, on the peacock.  Cats are great, but most of them are not wild anymore.  They are no match to a peacock, even a domesticated peacock.