Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snowman eats child! Zombie snowman alert!

OMG so funny.   Interesting twist on Frosty the Snowman.  Does this mean Frosty the Snowman is a zombie.  Who ever made this snowman has a sick sense of humor.  This would definitely make me take a second look just to figure out what the heck was going on.    It is a good way to keep the stray kids in the neighborhood off your lawn.  Actually if we get enough snow I think I might just do this.  

Too cute kitten asks Pweez sweep wit me Im afwaid of da dark

Awwww.  This kitten is just adorable.  Too cute and cuddly.  Who could resist a nap with this kitten.  The kitten looks like it would be perfect to snuggle and keep warm.  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What Christmas is like when you have cats!

Wreck the tree and blame the doggies, fa la la la la la la la!  Yep, that is exactly what Christmas with kittens and cats is like.  Though I have about as much chance getting my cat to wear a Christmas costume as I do getting her to hold still long enough to take a good cat picture.  The kittens in this picture look so cute in their Christmas cat outfits.  I think one is Santa Claws and the other is an elf.  Wonderful Christmas cat picture though.  Wish I could get my cat to co-operate like these two cute kittens.  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kitten singing and playing the piano

This kitten is cute and fluffy.  The kitten really looks like it is singing as it sits on the piano.  It looks like it is reading the music and it even has its paws on the piano keys.  Maybe it is singing  a Christmas carol.  

Saturday, November 30, 2013

I've never seen the mailman run that fast

I am not sure if this was for Halloween or if someone was just having some fun with their tiger, I mean dog.  This is a cute picture of a dog done up to look like a tiger.  The caption "I've never seen the mailman run that fast." takes this picture from cute to funny.  I hope it brings a smile to everyone who sees it.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Beautiful Blue Eyed Tuxedo Kitten Picture

I have a weakness for tuxedo cats.  They are beautiful cats and I love how their black and white fur looks like they are all dressed up in a little cat tuxedo.  This very fluffy, blue eyed, tuxedo kitten is no exception, just beautiful.  The  whiskers are so big for such a cute kitten.  All soft and fluffy and just so cute.  Okay I got my kitten fix, I hope you enjoy the picture too.  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

ET phone home, oh wait its just the cat

This black cat wrapped up in a towel does remind me of ET.  I loved that movie when I was a kid.  It is kind of fun coming across reminders every now and then.  This black cat is cute all on its own though.  Very cute photo of a black cat.  

A cup of cute, or a cup of cat. This kitten is too cute!

A cup of cat.  Every recipe calls for it.  Okay, this is a cup of cute.  So sweet.  Just a quick note - because I know someone out there is going to take this the wrong way no matter how cute the kitting in a measuring cup looks.  I am not suggesting anyone puts a cat or kitten into there food.  NO COOKING YOUR CATS OR KITTENS!  Now back to smiling at how cute this kitten or cat in a cup is. 

It's a Viking squirrel coming to pillage! Hide your nuts!

Introducing the Viking squirrel because Jedi squirrel just wasn't awesome enough.  The Viking squirrel is here to pillage, so hide your nuts.

Cute baby husky puppy in the snow.

Awww!  This husky puppy is so cute and adorable.  I want to pick it up and hug it or at least pet it.  The puppy's eyes are beautiful.  Husky's are beautiful dogs and this baby husky is no exception.  Lovely.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's just the cat, um, no it is not!

Don't mind me I am just your friendly neighborhood  cat, yah cat that’s right.  Don’t mind me as I help myself to some cat food.  Oh yah, um, Meow.  Thanks for putting water so close to the food, it makes it easier for me.  Don’t mind the mask it is just my fur, nothing to be afraid of.  Oh and thanks for putting in the cat door, it sure makes getting in so much easier.  I don’t have to gnaw through the roof, or climb down the chimney anymore.  This picture of the raccoon helping itself to the cat food is funny as all heck.  If all the racoon did was help itself to some cat food the home owners are lucky.  Finding a raccoon in your home is one of those fun little benefits of pet doors. 

Viking Squirrel because Jedi squirrel just wasn't awesome enough

Okay, squirrels are just cute. Viking squirrel is still cute, but awesome as well.  This viking squirrel appeals to me because I love history, things like knights, vikings, pirates and other things that as kids we all thought it would be fun to be.  However the chain-mail bikini is cracking me up.

Jedi Squirrels fighting with lightsabers

May the force be with you as you gather nuts.  This must be a battle over a large nut stash.  What can I say, I am a fan of Star Wars and squirrels so naturally I find this picture of Jedi squirrels to be both cute and funny.  The Jedi squirrels actually look like they are fighting with their lightsabers.  It makes me smile.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moon this way, the sign said so!

The sign of the moon points to the moon in funny picture.  You have to admit it is quite unusual to have such an accurate moon sign.  Even better, the street light is green, giving us the go ahead to take off to the moon.  I like the caption “Pretty sure this is some sort of astronomical phenomenon.”  Personally I think it is the most accurate street sign ever, at least on this day and this moment.

Cat wants in to get away from the Peacock

The look on this cats face says it all.  “Let me in, please.  I am not the mighty hunter I thought I was.”  Actually I don’t blame the cat for wanting to get away from the peacock.  They are tough birds.  I have run afoul of a few peacocks in my life and let me tell you, I was the one running away.  Just because a peacock is pretty does not make it easy pickings.  If it came down to the cat or the peacock I know where I would place my money, on the peacock.  Cats are great, but most of them are not wild anymore.  They are no match to a peacock, even a domesticated peacock.

Monday, August 19, 2013

One dot to rule them all. OMG too cute

This is just beyond cute.  The dog, cat and kid cannot resist the red dot.  Laser pointers are so much fun.  I have to admit we have one and we use it!  The cat and our kids all love it.  Mind you our kids always want to use the laser pointer to make the cat do strange things, like try and climb the wall, jump off things and run around is circles.  It is a great way to keep them all busy and happy for a half hour or until the cat gets too tired to run around, because you know the kids never tire of it.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Cutest kitten looking at you with its big eyes

This is a very cute kitten.  This picture captures the kitten looking right at the camera with its big beautiful eyes.  Love this picture.  However I think it is playing with a housecoat or something.  So it is really a cute attack kitten.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cutest dog escape attempt

Escape attempt 5% complete.  OMG this is so cute, and funny.  The dogs face is all pushed up into a pile of wrinkles. However, I don't actually like seeing animals in cages like this.  I hope that if this dog was in a shelter that it was adopted.  If you are thinking about getting a pet please look into adopting from an animal shelter before buying in a store.  There are too many dogs and cats that don't make it out of the shelters.  You could be the hero for one of them.

Black cat holding pizza hostage

This black cat sitting on the pizza box looks just like our Cricket the Stinky Ninja, beautiful.  I could see Cricket doing this.  She loves sitting on hot things, like my coffeemaker.  I love the caption "No one gets pizza until I here a can opener!".  Cricket will actually follow us around crying until we give her some wet food in the mornings.  She always wants more so if she could communicate with, I am sure our lovely black cat would hold our pizza hostage for more wet food.  This picture made me laugh when I fist saw it, now I cannot help but smile when I see it.

Cat making coffee

Okay so it is not exactly a cat making coffee, more like a cat caught sitting on the coffeemaker.  I am trying to figure out how the cat fit into such a small space between the coffeemaker and the cupboard.  I found the cat on top of the coffeemaker very funny because my cat likes to sit on my coffee maker and look out the window.  I think she likes how warm it gets, or the view she gets out the window when she sits on it.  The caption "What?? I'm trying to make coffee for you" is funny as well.

Rules for dating my daughter tee shirt

Some very clear rules for dating my daughter.
1. Get a job
2. Understand I don't like you
3. I am everywhere
4. You hurt her, I hurt you
5. Be home 30 minutes early
6. Get a lawyer
7. If you lie to me, I will find out
8. She's my princess, not your conquest
9. I don't mind going back to jail
10. Whatever you do to her, I will do to you

Okay, I want this tee shirt!

Little Dogie Dachshund Wiener Dog Joke

Okay, I know the joke is bad, but the Dachshund is cute. Why did the cowboy adopt a dachshund?  To get a long little dogie.  I also noticed that the person who did the picture spelled dachshund as dachsund.  But again the wiener dog is still cute.  The dachshunds tail looks like it is made for wagging.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Star Wars Humor The Imperial Walker

I find your lack of mobility disturbing.  Okay, this is a cool Star Wars inspired walker.

When you wish upon a Deathstar. Darth Vader at Disney World

This is for all the Star Wars fans who also enjoy Disney World.  Actually considering that Disney just bought out Lucasarts you can expect more Star Wars at Disney theme parks.  It is kind of an odd mix, Micky Mouse and Darth Vader.  However, Star Wars is a money maker so it is a very smart move on Disney's part to buy it up.  Just look at all the TV shows, movies, books and video games.  Oh, and we must not forget the MMORPG Star Wars the Old Republic.  It is going to be interesting to see what new things come out now that Disney owns the rights to Star Wars.  I understand there are a couple new movies in the works.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Love Bite Puppy Kiss's Kitten

AWWW! This is cute the puppy is giving the kitten a kiss or a love bite.  The puppy looks so sweet.  The kitten seems to be handing the attention the puppy is giving her just fine.  But then she is a cat and expects everyone to love her and give her attention.  It looks like these two will be each others bff (Best friend forever).

Best response to a Dear John letter ever

So you are a marine off fighting and receive a Dear John letter, not only breaking up with you, but tells you they cheated on you and want their photos back.  Now what to do, what to do?  I know get every picture of ladies you can and send them back to her asking which one is hers and to send the rest back. Now this is funny, LMAO.  My understanding is that this is from a MASH episode and has been updated for Afghanistan.  Still great.  Also a lot of what went into MASH is based on true stories right from soldiers, nurses and doctors so there is a good chance this actually happened.  Also it is such a creative response I would not be surprised to find out that a marine in Afghanistan actually did do this.  Talk about a fitting revenge.  Like a Boss!

OMG this kitten looks so cute blinking is big eyes

How could anyone not find this blinking kitten adorable.  She is so small and cute.  I want to cuddle this cute little kitten.  The coloring of this kitten is interesting.  The face and body have different colors, the body is gray and black, the face is more tan and white with a little black and gray.  The big M on the kittens forehead  stands out and just makes her look cuter, like a little race cat with cool markings and stripes.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

To all the Daddy's out there Happy Fathers Day

OMG the caption is dead on.  Kittens don't care if you are a tough Marine.  To them, you're Daddy.  This is so cute though.  The kittens are so fluffy.  I love this pile of kittens cuddling with their people daddy.

Happy Fathers Day

The kitten is so cute!  The caption made it perfect for Fathers Day, "time to do our sit-up's daddy 1...2...3...ZZZ...ZZZ..."  You don't have to have children to be a daddy, pets count.  So for all you daddy's who love their children with or without fur, have a wonderful and happy Fathers Day.  The sleeping  kitten is so cute!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Well it is true, someone is spying on you.

In the last couple of weeks I have heard all about how people are upset about their Governments using spyware and other means to spy on everyone.  When I saw this cat picture I thought, "This is the perfect spyware".  The caption "Warning: Your life may now contain spyware" made me laugh, I hope it at least gives you a smile.  Enjoy being spied on by the black cat spy. I think this black cat must be related to the ninja cat.

Beautiful Snail Reflection Photo

Snails are usually something I am picking out of my garden.  I don’t usually think of them as beautiful.  This picture showing a snail over water is beautiful.  I am not sure if the snail is trying to eat the flower or is looking for some solid land.  Regardless this photo showing the snail and its reflection is beautiful.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dog and Cat Best Friends

This is a beautiful picture of a cat and dog interacting together in a positive way, so it is proof that dogs and cats can get along.  The dog and cat are both cute but that is not why I love this picture.  The caption "I don't care what the other cats think you're my best friend." makes a great point.  It does not matter what others think, it is more important to be friends with people you like, not people who others think you should like.  Also differences don't mean there are not good friends underneath the differences.  So being white, black, native, oriental, Latin and any mix or combination should not be a reason to like or dislike someone.  Being poor or rich should not determine the value of a person, what they are like should be.  Don't reject the differences, embrace what you have in common and what makes you like each other.  

Blue Wolf

I have always had a weakness for wolves, a very misunderstood and majestic creature.  They should not to be feared and hunted but admired for their survival in a changing world.  They have had their homes destroyed and then their lives taken out of fear or greed.  Some hunt them for sport, others for their fur.  Farmers hunt them to protect their livestock.  The wolf is not a creature that hunts people.  Instead it is hunted.  I have always found wolves to be beautiful both in looks and their culture.  Wolves have strong family connections and take care of their young.  The cry of a wolf at night is also beautiful.  I grew up in wolf  territory.  We had a female dog that had mixed puppies, so part wolf.  All but one died when our home burned down, all but one puppy we called Lucky.  He was scared and quite scary to most people.  He had smoke damage and had the strangest bark.  He was also the most loyal protective dog that ever existed.  He was killed by a neighbor who feared him.  Not because Lucky ever did anything but protect us and our home.  Or maybe that is exactly why he killed Lucky.  You see my dog did not like the man and would make a fuss anytime he came near me.  It made a lot of sense once the man sexually assaulted my best friend when she was 12 and I was 11.  Lucky kept him away from me for the most part, though he did try to get me alone many times, Lucky never let him.  A few years later the man tied his female dog in heat outside his home and waited with a loaded rifle.  He shot and killed every dog that came onto his property, including Lucky.  Lucky dragged himself several miles back to our home.  My mother found Lucky but it was to late.  What a horrible end to such strong and loyal friend.  I guess Lucky is why I love wolves.  I may not have been able to save him, but maybe we can save some wolves.  Wolves should be protected, not killed for their fur or to be a trophy.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cute baby puppy with black handlebar mustache like Hercule Poirot

There are just too many captions that could go with this picture.  The baby puppy is so cute, but the handlebar mustache makes me think of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot or every bad guy in silent film.  Okay there is just something about this puppy that makes me think of Hercule Poirot, it is so cute.

Jedi Puppy - Let the Woof be with you

This puppy dressed up as a Jedi is adorable.  My family loves star wars and build a bear.  We have this build a bear Jedi costume for a couple of our bears.  I never thought I would ever see it on a puppy.  It never even  occurred to me that it might fit a small dog.  It looks awesome on this cute little puppy.  How could I not share this Jedi puppy picture with everyone.  Too cute.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Tiger Versus the Big Bad Snake!

OMG this picture makes me smile.  Baby tigers, or tiger cubs are so cute.  I wish I could cuddle them like any other kitten.  The caption “snake” is perfect.  The one tiger cub does look like it is yelling something, and the tiger tail right there makes it perfect, or should I say purrrfect.  I know bad pun.  Just look at the baby tiger cubs, their little eyes still closed, so cute.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dog thanking Fireman

This dog is thanking the fireman with kisses.  I really like this picture, the dog is cute and who does not love firemen. Both the men and women firemen deserve our appreciation and admiration.  The caption “Psst, Don’t tell anyone I said this... but thanks for getting the cat out too.” Made me laugh.  So now it is not just cute, it is funny too.

Kitten's to do list

Boy this kitten has a lot to do and it is not even a cat yet.  What a list, claw the drapes, scatter the litter and make the dog cry.  What a busy day for this cute kitten.  The kitten is cute, but it is the caption “Let’s see...drapes are clawed...litter is scattered...the dog is in tears...Now What?” is why I love this picture.

Big Hedgehog Smile

How cute is this hedgehog?  It is so sweet.  I did not know hedgehogs could be so big.  I always thought they were small.  Not that this hedgehog is huge.  It still fits in your hands.  I always thought they were a lot smaller.  I guess I have only seen pictures of baby hedgehogs being held.  Hedgehogs don’t look that big when they are on the ground.  All I can say is this smiling hedgehog is cute.  If it is not a hedgehog could someone let me know!  It looks like one to me.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Don't listen to that cat!

The picture of the black cat covering the mouth of the gray cat to stop him from confessing is cute.  The captions: and after we broke your vase we mmm...ergh...hmmpft.  don`t listen to him, he`s off his meds. Makes me think of a couple of people I used to know, and several of the kids I grew up with. I am sure we all know people just like the two cats, if you don't you are probably one of the people! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tummy Rub Now! Cute Kitten

Attack of the gray fluff ball!  The gray kitten is so cute, I just want to hold her in my hands and play with her.  Not sure if the kitten is very happy, hungry, mad or just letting the people holding her know she is there or just wants a belly rub.  I love kittens.  I had a gray cat very much like this one.  She was just as cute when she was a kitten, and she had a bit of an attitude as well.  She was gray and the apartment I lived in had a carpet the same colour.  She used to hide in plain sight, and then attack your feet.

The Look from a Cute Siberian Husky Puppy

A photo of an adorable Siberian Husky puppy giving the camera the “look”.  The caption, “So you’re telling me the ball never left your hand?” cracks me up.  Yes I pulled that on our dogs when I was a kid.  It was great fun watching them trying to find the ball, running around having a great time.  It is the tilt of the head and the beautiful blue eyes of the husky puppy that gets me though, cute as can be.

Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Know Your Cat Loves You!?

Happy Valentine’s Day, from your cat.  I guess this is a sign of cat love.  The heart shape in the little box is cute but no one enjoys the chore of cleaning the litter box!  It is the caption that makes this picture funny, “Dats for U”.  The cat is cute. 

Adorable Baby Kitten Crying for its Mommy

So cute, so tinny, so adorable!  What a wonderful picture of a tinny little white kitten crying for its mommy.  Makes me want to just pick it up and cuddle it.  Kittens are too cute!

Baby Dachshund or Wiener Dog Puppy in Hot Dog Bun

The puppy wiener dog is just so cute I want to bring it home.  It is so small it fits into a hotdog bun.  This Dachshund puppy is too sweet to say no to.  This is a great picture of a puppy in a hotdog bun.  I have seen hotdog costumes for dogs before, just never a dog in a real hotdog bun.  Actually we just bought a hotdog costume for my sons build a bear dog, and then I was sent this picture.  I had to laugh.   

Cute Kittens Cuddle

I love this picture simply because the kittens seen to be cuddling and comforting each other. The orange kittens are fluffy and sweet.  At the same time the look on the one kitten is kind of sad and lonely as if she is missing her mommy or other kittens, that they are snuggling to keep warm and to reassure each other they are not alone. I still find the kitten picture cute, but sad and sweet at the same time. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You are what you eat - cute baby in breast feeding hat

A very cute baby in a breast feeding hat. I love the caption: When they said you are what you eat, this was not what I was expecting.  The breast feeding hat is a handmade booby hat.  Made me laugh.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sleeping Baby Dragon by Cookie Jar

My kids think this is the best dragon picture ever.  It is tinny, cute and full of cookies.  I think they like it because it is small that it would be a great pet.  I had to tell them that if it was a real dragon it would probably be a baby dragon and would grow bigger then our home.  Still a great dragon picture.

Fluffy Kitten Bath

Actually this picture hits me at home.  My daughter has told me kids at school called her fat, so I can sure relate to this photo and the caption.  “Mom...they called me fat.  You’re not fat! You’re just fluffy.”  Now this kitten is very fluffy, but that is ok it just makes it cuter.  This is a nice picture of a cat giving a kitten a bath.  The caption is what makes this picture perfect.

Puppy Bar Now Open

As a new mom I can completely understand the look of exhaustion this mommy dog has, flat on her back trying to take a nap as the 10 puppies have dinner.  I only have three kids, one of them a new baby and I feel exhausted all the time.  I could never handle 10 babies!  The puppies look so cute standing up to reach the milk.  I love this picture, makes me smile in exhaustion.