Sunday, October 28, 2012

Flying Ghost or Cloud Witch in the Sky

I am not sure if this is a natural cloud formation that created the image of a flying witch of it this was done with photo shop.  It is a great picture of a ghost or cloud witch though.  Not something you would want to see on Halloween.

Sea Food Styled Carved Pumpkins for Halloween

These carved pumpkins look great but I don’t see the sea food designs working for Halloween decorations.  Maybe as a fall decoration by the water, or a sea food restaurant.

Classic Peanuts Halloween comic – Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin

Sometimes a classic is exactly what you need.  This picture of Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin brought back great memories of my childhood and Halloween.

Ninja Turtle Watermelon Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween

My kids think the Ninja Turtles are awesome so of course they think these Jack-o-lanterns are great.  Usually people use pumpkins but watermelons work great here.  I would never have thought to use watermelons for a Halloween decoration!  The coloured glow stick make them though!

This town takes Halloween and all things that creep and go bump in the night seriously

I think this town gets a little too much into Halloween. Welcome to Bon Temps! If you’re not some kind of vampire, witch or were-thing yet, don’t worry.  You will be soon enough.  If I saw this sign I might be tempted to turn around.  I would not be stopping for coffee, and I definitely don’t want my car to break down just as night falls.

Star Wars Ballerina R2Dtutu Halloween Costume

I have to admit this R2Dtutu Ballerina Halloween Costume took me a second to get it, but once I did I had a good laugh.  I had to share with my Star Wars loving family.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scary Creepy Evil Pumpkin Centipede Halloween Decoration

I don’t like centipedes to start out with; this one made of pumpkins with a Jack-o-lantern face gives me the creepy crawlies.  The carrots legs look creepy.  I have no idea how they got this pumpkin centipede to rear up like this.  Even just looking at this picture makes me uncomfortable, so as far as a scary, creepy Halloween decoration it gets my vote.

Death Rides a Skeleton and not just on Halloween

Ok, if this skeleton bike drove by me I would have to take a second and third look.  Someone put some work into this bike.  I love the skull face mask death as well.  I would not want to be driving and see this coming up quickly in my rear-view mirror, even on Halloween.

Very Cute Jack-o-lanterns from the Movie Despicable Me

These painted pumpkins look very cute and very much like the little guys in the Movie Despicable Me.  Great non-scary fun Halloween decorations.

Cute Halloween Snow White Cat Halloween Costume

This is a great cat Halloween costume.  I am not sure how much the cat is enjoying the Snow White costume.  The caption “Okay so where are my seven dwarf hamsters? You know: crunchy, chewy, salty, sweetie, savory, spicy and low cal?” make it funny, not just cute.

Star Wars Halloween, Yoda as Poppa Smurf!

Yoda makes a great Poppa Smurf for Halloween. 

Zombies Bursting out of a Giant Pumpkin

I knew the zombies attack would have to start from some place, just never expected them to burst out of a giant pumpkin.  This is a great Halloween decoration.  Can you imagine coming across these zombies crawling out of this pumpkin, now how do you think a kids is going to react to this as they come up to a home in the dark!  Scary!  Very well done.

Beautiful Celtic Black Cat Witch’s Familiar

This is a very well done drawing of a black cat with Celtic Knot work.  The books’ look like they could be a witch’s so the black cat could be a witch’s familiar.  Though, with the medieval look of the picture it could be a black cat sitting on a Bible or an illuminated book of prayers.  Being so close to Halloween it is easy to assume the black cat is a witch’s familiar.  Fits the Halloween theme.

Fireplace full of Flaming Pumpkins

I love how these carved pumpkins look like flames.  Very cool idea to put them into the fireplace.  It makes a great Halloween decoration. 

Creepy Halloween Skeleton Fortune Teller or Scryer with Chrystal Ball

I like this creepy Halloween picture of a skeleton gazing into a crystal ball.  The skull somehow looks like it has an evil grin as it looks into the crystal ball holding the image of a dragon.  I love dragons.  This was a very well done art.  It is not scary but is creep and fascinating at the same time.

Happy Halloween from the Boo Bees

I had this Boo Bees or ghost bees picture on my Facebook account.  I was laughing about a comment someone made about how much they liked my Boo Bees.  My hubby got a little upset until I showed him this picture of my great Boo Bees!  I think I hurt his brain. :o)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Very cruel Halloween Decoration

I have to agree this is not a good Halloween decoration for a retirement home!

Gene Simmons Kiss Kitten

It’s a little Gene Simmons!   This kitten is so cute done up as Gene Simmons from Kiss!

Very cool pumpkin scull jack-o-lantern

Nice job in this Halloween pumpkin scull jack-o-lantern.  That must have taken a long time.  Beautiful.

Cute Baby Bats

These baby bats are just cute.

Zombie Squirrel Terrorizes Town

The zombies are here!  The zombies are here!  Or at least a zombie squirrel.  Who knew the rise of the zombies would start with one squirrel.  Every movie and story I have seen or read about zombies it is always some poor unsuspecting smuck who is either attacked by the recently dead who rise from their grave as zombies or suddenly drops dead and turns into a zombie. 

I wonder if there is a book or movie in the making right now.  It starts off with this squirrel and quickly becomes the rise of the zombie squirrels.  It could be a good book or movie, very much like something out of the 60's and 70's.

For everyone who loves squirrels and Halloween this is a great picture.  For those who are afraid of squirrels sorry for adding fuel to the fire.   

Ok, this is funny.  According to a news story this squirrel got a skull or zombie head Halloween decoration and ran around with it terrorizing people.  However after looking at the pictures I don't think the squirrel got very far.  It looks like the zombie head decoration is attached to something by a string.  Still it is funny.  These are some great pictures of a Halloween zombie squirrel attack.


Jack-o-lantern Monster with little Jack-o-lantern tongue ring.

This Jack-o-lantern monster is not scary.  I think it is the big tongue that makes it funny.  I am not sure but I think the little jack-o-lantern is a tongue ring.  Or the bigger jack-o-lantern monster is eating that poor cute little jack-o-lantern. 

One of the best horror movies ever made

A young lady kills and then hunts down another victim with the help of friends she makes along the way. A true horror movie - if you are a witch.  Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trick or Treat at this Haunted House – I don’t think so!

Wow you could not pay me to trick or treat at this house.  What a place to go on Halloween!  The kid in the cow Halloween costume is perfect at hiding behind the larger kid.  I would not want to up those stairs, even if it was Grandma’s house.  This reminds me of a horror movie, I just can’t think of which one right now.

Mona Lisa in Skeleton

The Halloween version of the Mona Lisa as a skeleton

Haunted Halloween house with hundreds of Jack-o-lanterns that rival National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

I think this is a great picture of a haunted Halloween house.  The jack-o-lanterns are overwhelming.  Would be fun to see in person.

Nightmare before Christmas Halloween Decoration

This is a picture of a great Halloween Decoration – Nightmare before Christmas – Jack Skellington sitting on a jack-o-lantern dressed as Santa.

Halloween Witch’s flying in the sunset

I love the look of the two witch’s flying into the sunset.  I wonder how they did this picture.  It looks great.  The silhouette makes it look wonderful.   I wonder if they are flying off into the Halloween night.

When Finger Zombies Attack

Things go bad when finger zombies attack.  It starts with the pinky until no finger is safe.  I just love how well thought out this is, it works.  

Kitten in a Tiggar Halloween Costume

How cute is this, a kitten dressed as Tiggar!  The caption make it funny, “Trick or Treat, smell my feet, gimme some catnip treats”.  Great Halloween kitten picture.

Attack of the Zombie Cat

Look out the Zombie cat is almost through the box, run.  Ok, this is a funny Halloween Zombie cat making its way through a cardboard box.  If it was a real zombie cat attacking it would be scary.  I just keep thinking why is that cat trying to eat its way through the box. 

Jack-o-lantern Halloween Tree

It is an interesting twist on the Christmas tree.  I love how the jack-o-lanterns stand out.  However I think it is the Halloween gifts under the tree that makes this drawing for me. 

Beautiful and Sexy Halloween Witch Drawing

I am not usually a fan of sexy drawings but this one is actually a nice drawing of a witch on a full moon.  I love how the witch’s dress blends or fades into the tree, almost as if she was a part of the tree only coming out of it for Halloween.  Nice Halloween Witch Drawing.

Scary Evil Zombie Halloween Cat Drawing

It is interesting, and scary.  I am not sure I actually like this scary Halloween Cat.  It just looks wrong, kind of demented or demon like.  Which I am sure is the whole point.  I like the tattoos but the look on the cats face is evil.  The ribs and neck bones make it look like a zombie cat, or a mommy.  Not a drawing I am going to share with my kids.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cute Puppies kind of Kissing

This picture made me laugh.  It is a great picture of two puppies playing but the caption “We need to work on your kissing skills” changed it from being cute to being cute and funny.  Great photo of puppy love!

Black Cat Zen Moment - That was Zen, This is Meow

This black cat is charming, however I just love this picture.  The caption makes this photo from cute to awesome.

This Dog is the best hid and seek player ever

You don’t want to play hid and seek with this fluffy white puppy.  Not with this rug.  Great picture, but I might have missed the dog without  the caption “Day 257 Humans still think I’m a rug.”

Cute and Funny Puppy that is "Sexy" and knows it

This puppy is just cute.  The caption “I’m sexy and I know it” takes these pictures from just cute to funny.  Very sweet puppy.

Beautiful Wide Eyed Black Kitten in Black and White Photo

This black kitten is very cute.  She may be a witch’s or Halloween cat because of the colour of her fur, but that does not take away from her beauty.  If anything the use of black and white photography only highlights how wonderful this black cat is. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cute Kittens on Witch's Broom

These are very cute orange kittens.  This close to Halloween, of course this is a witch’s broom.  If only travel was so easy, and cost effective these days.  Nice ride cute little kittens.

Zombie Bites Dog!

Zombie rises from its grave to bite dog.  Great Halloween decoration but the dog sitting right in front of it makes it look like the zombie is trying to attack the dog.  This just makes it funny!

Pumpkin or Jack-o-lantern Dog

Beautiful dog inspired carved jack-o-lantern.  It is nice to see the dog the pumpkin was carved to look like in the same picture.  Nice work.  It will look great on Halloween.

Blue Dragon in the Sky

This is a beautiful drawing of a dragon.  I love the way the dragon looks like it is almost shinning.

Unexpected UFO sighting as Aliens Crash Land in Local Front Yard!

This has to be one of the best Halloween decorations I have ever seen.  It is so out of the box you cannot help but appreciate the creativity and thought that went into it.  This is not something you can buy at a store and then plunk out on your lawn.  I love how they took the time to build the UFO, and then put the alien as if it fell out of the space craft when it crashed.  But what takes this Alien Halloween front lawn decoration from cool to great is the crime scene tap and evidence markers.  Wow. At first glance it is awesome, but if you came across this at night the crime scene tap and evidence markers takes it from “Hey what a great Halloween decoration!” to “Wait a second, is that real?” Kids and adults are going to love coming to this house on Halloween!

Funny Halloween Pumpkin Comic

Very funny!  Not the usual type of Halloween pumpkin comic but it made me laugh so I am sharing.  I have to say it is a little too late to think about getting his seeds scooped out with that house hold of baby pumpkins. 

Black Cat Close Up

This is a beautiful black cat or black kitten.  I love this picture, it is so natural and the eye is stunning.  I know that black cats are the traditional Halloween or witch’s cat.  This is a great photo of a black cat just being a cat.  Very nicely done.

Unbelievably Cute Baby Taco Halloween Costume

I love this baby Halloween Costume.  First it is cute as all can be.  Second it is perfect for a crawling baby.  Third there is no hat, head or mask that would get in the babies way.  I wish I had this when my kids were little.  I don’t know if someone made this Halloween Taco costume or if it was something anyone can buy.  My only issue is that it would not work so well if the baby was in a stroller.  But it is perfect for when the baby is crawling.  Love it!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Demon Dog or Hellhound Puppy

Just look at this little puppies face, lmao.  That is one pissed off pup.  This is not exactly cute, but funny as all can be.  Sure someone photoshopped the tail and horns but I think the look on the puppies face was the inspiration.  Great Halloween picture!

Black Cat with Jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins

What a great Halloween decoration, but how do you get the black cat to stay there all night.  I like the pumpkins mixed in with the jack-o-lanterns, but it is the black cat that makes this picture for me.