Friday, October 26, 2012

Zombie Squirrel Terrorizes Town

The zombies are here!  The zombies are here!  Or at least a zombie squirrel.  Who knew the rise of the zombies would start with one squirrel.  Every movie and story I have seen or read about zombies it is always some poor unsuspecting smuck who is either attacked by the recently dead who rise from their grave as zombies or suddenly drops dead and turns into a zombie. 

I wonder if there is a book or movie in the making right now.  It starts off with this squirrel and quickly becomes the rise of the zombie squirrels.  It could be a good book or movie, very much like something out of the 60's and 70's.

For everyone who loves squirrels and Halloween this is a great picture.  For those who are afraid of squirrels sorry for adding fuel to the fire.   

Ok, this is funny.  According to a news story this squirrel got a skull or zombie head Halloween decoration and ran around with it terrorizing people.  However after looking at the pictures I don't think the squirrel got very far.  It looks like the zombie head decoration is attached to something by a string.  Still it is funny.  These are some great pictures of a Halloween zombie squirrel attack.


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