Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Witch's Apprentice on a tinny broomstick in time for Halloween

This is a great photo, even better caption.  I love it.  Who ever took this picture lucked out.  It is perfect.  The captions only make it that much cuter.  This is one cute little kitten witch's apprentice.  Now if only I could get my cat to be this cute.  

Cutest Black Cat Ever

This black kitten is just adorable.  I want to pick it up and cuddle it until it falls asleep in my hands or on my lap.  The ears and eyes are just too cute.  I love black cats, but then what is not to love.  It has this wonderful look on it's face, as if it sees something wonderful, or something to pounce on or both.

Cute Witchcraft starter kit

This is just well, cute. Okay the kitten does look a little grumpy, but who wouldn't be grumpy being stuck in a little witches cauldron.  This is a very cute fluffy black kitten with attitude, what's not to love.  Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween, with or without their own witchcraft starter kit.