Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blue Wolf

I have always had a weakness for wolves, a very misunderstood and majestic creature.  They should not to be feared and hunted but admired for their survival in a changing world.  They have had their homes destroyed and then their lives taken out of fear or greed.  Some hunt them for sport, others for their fur.  Farmers hunt them to protect their livestock.  The wolf is not a creature that hunts people.  Instead it is hunted.  I have always found wolves to be beautiful both in looks and their culture.  Wolves have strong family connections and take care of their young.  The cry of a wolf at night is also beautiful.  I grew up in wolf  territory.  We had a female dog that had mixed puppies, so part wolf.  All but one died when our home burned down, all but one puppy we called Lucky.  He was scared and quite scary to most people.  He had smoke damage and had the strangest bark.  He was also the most loyal protective dog that ever existed.  He was killed by a neighbor who feared him.  Not because Lucky ever did anything but protect us and our home.  Or maybe that is exactly why he killed Lucky.  You see my dog did not like the man and would make a fuss anytime he came near me.  It made a lot of sense once the man sexually assaulted my best friend when she was 12 and I was 11.  Lucky kept him away from me for the most part, though he did try to get me alone many times, Lucky never let him.  A few years later the man tied his female dog in heat outside his home and waited with a loaded rifle.  He shot and killed every dog that came onto his property, including Lucky.  Lucky dragged himself several miles back to our home.  My mother found Lucky but it was to late.  What a horrible end to such strong and loyal friend.  I guess Lucky is why I love wolves.  I may not have been able to save him, but maybe we can save some wolves.  Wolves should be protected, not killed for their fur or to be a trophy.

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