Monday, February 10, 2014

Better Happier Life Hack with a Kitten

I see all these posts about "hacks" that will make your life better, more fun, easier, etc.  I have to say that this one is one of the best life hacks ever!  Why, because it deals with the issue - take the chip off your shoulder.  That alone would change your life, but to replace it with a kitten!  A cute kitten at that.  Of course your life will get a lot better.  A cute kitten snuggled up on you, purring.  Who could possible not feel a lot better.  Unconditional love!  That can repair a lot of damage, replace anger and just make you feel better.  Also - AWWWW what a cute kitten!

With all the stress and bad things going on in the world I think everyone should take cuteness breaks, be it a cute kitten, puppy, baby or just a wonderful smile and hug.  We all need to take the time to be loved.

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