Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Remembrance Day - Once a soldier always a soldier

It is real easy to identify a soldier in uniform.  It is much more difficult recognizing the sacrifices of men and women not in uniform, no matter the age.  Sometimes we only see an older face worn from age, not the young vibrant men and women who went off to war, or spent the time learning how to protect us, our homes, children and country.  It is not so much about going off to war, but the willingness to go to war, fight and die.  No matter the war, the age, or the country soldiers deserve our respect for their willingness to protect their people, even die for them. 

We may see an old man or women, a homeless person, a biker, a mom, a dad, a teacher or someone looking for a job.  Behind what we see stands a soldier – remember them all on Remembrance Day, those who are with us and those who are not.  Please wear a poppy to show your respect for the people, even if you do not agree with the wars they have been in.

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