Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cute Baby Black Cat on a Pumpkin for National Cat Day

I love this little baby black cat standing on a pumpkin that is just as big as or bigger than the kitten.  You can tell this kitten is just about to lose its fluffy fur and become a big cat any day now.  I am not sure it the black kitten is saying “My pumpkin” or “Look what I can do!” 
National cat day is August 8th or at least it was in 2012.  National cat day is about adopting cats and kittens from shelters.
I always tell people to check out the cat rescue groups and shelters first.  If you want to buy from a store then find out where they get their animals from.  Are they local pets from shelters and rescue groups or some of their customers or are they from breeders?  If you have the option, always rescue or adopt a pet that was not breed just to be sold to you.  There are many animals in need of a loving and caring home that will not find one because they are in shelter, not a cage in a store.

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